Kennedy Turns 6

Even though this blog is no more, I have to keep with tradition and write Kennedy's annual birthday post! If you  missed the previous ones, click below!!
Kennedy Turns 2
Kennedy Turns 3
Kennedy Turns 4
Kennedy Turns 5
Each year these get harder and hard to write because I can't believe how fast time is going. They warn you of that when you have kids but you think, sure it does. It REALLY does. Today my baby turns 6. I swear we were just at the hospital with you!!  You have grown into such an amazing kid!!
I have so much to say and don't know where to start! First of all, you LOVE cupcakes. You aren't much of an eater but there are a few things you'd eat in a heartbeat and that's a cupcake. In fact today we are making purple cupcakes with chocolate frosting and some WILDLY colorful decorations (just like you!)

You developed a love for the Aquarium in Baltimore (even though you were afraid of most of it) and ask to go back on a weekly basis! 

Did I mention Ice cream? Well if anything tops cupcakes it's ice cream! Your current favorite is vanilla with (extra) peanut butter cups!

Let's talk fashion for a say you are creative would be an understatement.  You love  picking out your own clothes and, sorry to the teenage Kennedy, I let you wear whatever you want 99% of the time (yes in public!!)

 We tried out the beach for the first time this year...and let's just say you really wanted to love it but you weren't a fan!! Someday we'll take you to some nice soft, white sand and see what you think!!

You LOVE trying new things!!  We have tried so much this year and you put your ALL into it!! This year you tried swimming and T-ball, you rode a hourse (no lessons yet) and even sampled a few dance and cheer classes!!


Halloween is your favorite holiday and you LOVE to dress up in costume any chance you get!!

You LOVE a theme!! If there is somewhere we have to go, you go ALL out! Details are super important to you!

Did I mention your love of Disney?  You are getting to be a big girl and so there are lots of My Little Ponies and Paw Patrol BUT you heart belongs to Disney! You would drop everything to go to Walt Disney World (we even surprised you with a trip with Nana last year) and have been begging for a Disney Cruise vacation!!Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, sky and outdoor 

You have so many things you want to be when you grow up....a super hero!

 The President of the United States of America!
A wait a basketball wait a vetinerarian!!!


Have I mentioned you are the bravest and strongest kid I know!? This year we found out you needed glasses and you did so amazingly. You picked out a beautiful pair and rock them every day!

You also had to have your tonsils out.  You were getting sick a lot and the Dr. felt it was best to get those bad boys out of there! You rocked the surgery and recovery!

You are the best big sister and you and Fin Monster are the best of are also sisters so there is a fair shair of screaming that goes on around here!

We can't forget your first best and Walter still are best beds and you love hanging out with him! You clearly are his favorite too!

You are making such grown up decisions cutting your hair! You did it a bit spontaneously but I really think it suits you!!

What else is there to say? I love you with everything I have and while you have had your fair share of struggles this year, you are just so strong about everything.  You hang in there when things are the toughest and you always have a beautiful smile on your face.

You are strong and sweet and SO creative. You love writing stories and drawing photos and you even started reading!  You love EVERYONE and just want everyone to be nice and like you in return.  Your heart is so big and your dreams and wishes are too.  You want nothing but to simply be happy!

To my big girl Kennedy Sophia, happiest of birthdays!   I can't wait to see how you grow and become even more grown up this year (but please slow down a little)!!

Kennedy Turns 5

On this past Friday my big girl turned 5. Every year I seem to say I can't believe how big she grown up. I know in the grand scheme of things, 5 years is no big deal. That when she turns 16, or 21 or gets married, those are when I'll say, "Remember when she was just 5" but life is flying by so fast and she changes every day.

Kennedy Turns 2
Kennedy Turns 3
Kennedy Turns 4
So to my big girl, on your 5th birthday, here's to you!  You've changed so much this past year and done so well with change. We uprooted your whole life and brought you to a new state, a new home and a new school. You've done some pretty brave things, which honestly doesn't surprise anyone. You've been brave since the moment you were born (and even before that a little).

June Calendar Shot

We've had a lot going on lately at Living With The Magic Vacations! Recently we held an event that surpassed even my expectations and reminded me of WHY I do what I do and more importantly, why I love it so much! 

Disney really and truly offers something for everyone..including a bunch of grown women who spent the weekend at the most magical place on Earth! Check out my Instagram to see photos from our 1st Annual Girls Getaway Weekend (and stay tuned for next year's April 27-May 1st)

A few faces are missing but I love this group!

Girls Getaway Weekend 2017

Our 2017 Girls Getaway Weekend dates have officially been announced!

Check out all the fun from Girls Getaway Weekend 2016!

Girls Getaway Weekend

Packing for Alaska

I've said it time and time again but Alaska was one of my favorite vacations...but it was also the hardest to pack for. I want to shed some light on what you can expect as far as weather and what types of clothing you should bring.

Alaskan cruises occur in the summer which means milder temperatures...but it's Alaska right? Always snowing and cold? Nope! In fact there were a few days it was warmer in Alaska than back home in New York!

#1- The cold stuff...or rather the warm stuff!
Be sure you are bringing things with you to keep you warm I opted for a combo lined jacket that was also a rain jacket from Northface. It kept me warm when I needed it and on the occasion it rained, I stayed dry! Also don't forget WARM socks, gloves, scarves and hats! For the most part I used these things during our trip up Tracy Arm as well as our Whale watching excursion.

Tracy Arm was COLD and rainy! Disney Cruise Line does offer hot chocolate and cookies to help :)